First look to GroLab Software

First look to GroLab Software


Click on the image below to download our Demo:


Credentials to connect to the Demo version of the Software:

User: GroLabDemo

Pass: godemo

GroLab Software receives periodic updates with modifications, improvements and new tools. The following description and its animations correspond to an old software version 1.0.1

Actual Version:

Click here to see last changelogs

A simple and intuitive interface

One of the main objectives of GroLab is to provide the ability to control any kind of agricultural growing system, in an easy and simple way.

The software is full of simple illustrations that will guide you on the introduction to the world of grow automation. Removing the need for any grower to be an expert or even a knower of any kind of programming language.

Let's enumerate some of the features you can expect from GroLab Software:

Connect securely to your culture

Connect from a closed local network or from anywhere in the world


Configure all types of peripherals connected to your modules

Configure your areas quickly and intuitively

Create general, irrigation and security alarms for any kind of automation

Automate irrigation and water tanks

Freely create schedules for your irrigations, light or any other output. By hour, by minute and almost by second, all days of the week, just some any other day, it up to you to! 

Recurrences gives you freedom for create illumination schedules non 24 Hours based

Control your grow in real time

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